Hello Team! I've asked a question (3 days ago) on ...
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Hello Team! I've asked a question (3 days ago) on community.gooddata.com but my topic is not available yet. Any idea why? Thank you!
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Hi Ives, There was a notification that you had created it, but it seems it was immediately deleted and no one could access it. Could you either post your question here or re-post it again within the community?
Hello Joseph! I don't think the post was deleted, because it's still there: https://community.gooddata.com/administration-61 Right after posting my question, a message saying that it needs to be checked by a moderator was shown. I think the moderators did not have the time to check it, yet.
I can create a 2nd topic, but I don't want to spam 😅
yes, this is very strange... let me take a look deeper here and see if I can push it to publish
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somehow it got marked as spam, and it wouldn't publish. I've just pushed it through so we will review this topic and follow up with an answer ASAP. I'm terribly sorry for this mishap
It makes sense, my topic is almost 280 lines long, with multiples links. Thank you, Joseph, for your help 🙂
Thank you all, my topic is not available on the community forum!