Hey there! Some of my attributes don't show up in ...
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Hey there! Some of my attributes don't show up in the Insight builder. They are present in the LDM, and the Insight uses two metrics, one of which is from the table with the attributes, and the other from another table. Why is it that the attributes don't show? (See thread for images & further explanations)
Dataset with attributes of interest:
Attributes of interest: • Is Open • Is Active Or Inactive with Nonzero Charges
Second dataset in use:
Both of these link to Datasets: • Clinic • Schedule Track • Date
Metrics in use:
Insights configuration: (Bullet chart, view by "Name" = view by Clinic.Name)
Issue: When I search for "Is" nothing comes up
Why is that? Is it because the field is only present on one of the two datasets and the query builder cannot apply where clauses on tables where the join is indirect?
Aka Schedule -> Clinic + Schedule Track + Date <- Schedule Objective
If so, would you suggest to do the following: Schedule <- Schedule Objective Clinic + Schedule Track + Date <- Schedule ?
It depends how are your datasets connected and how the arrows pointing between datasets in your LDM. Feel free to check the following community post as an example. https://community.gooddata.com/data-models-58/why-do-some-items-disappear-from-data-catalog-215
Thanks Jan 🙂