Why do some items disappear from Data Catalog?

  • 25 February 2021
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One DIM has multiple relationships with Facts

In my model, there is a DIM table has a primary key that is WORKORDER_KEY, and it has relationships with 3 FACTs by WORKORDER_KEY.

In Analyze tab I added a attribute of one fact then the others of remaining facts were hidden.


Can you help me figure out what am I wrong here?


Best answer by Petr Olmer 26 February 2021, 01:57

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Hi @tramtbtran – it’s helpful to watch the arrows between the datasets. For example, when I put “Approver” to a new insight, I can use “Status DIQ”, “Invoice No”, or “Markup Amount” in the same insight. The arrow goes from Approver to Markup Amount, so I can slice Markup Amount by Approver.

However, when I use “Status DIQ”, I cannot slice it by “Category Name”, so “Category name” becomes hidden. In the same way, when I use “Category Name”, “Status DIQ” is not available.

See Understanding the Logical Data Model, chapter “Reading the model”, for more examples.