Hello GD Team, When modifying the LDM used in a wo...
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Hello GD Team, When modifying the LDM used in a workspace (rescanning tables), what will happen to other workspaces that this dialog indicate? Why is rescanning tables and appending to LDM will effect other workspaces?
Hi Tibor, when you scan a data source then its physical model is stored to GD.CN server metadata, replacing whatever content might there be for that data source, therefore potentially breaking other workspaces using this DS if the physical model changed in some incompatible way (especially deleting columns or tables). If there are no or only additive changes to your DS then scanning it is always safe. The various scan modes (append, replace etc.) are relevant only for the client side app. The backend metadata (which is used by all workspaces) always contain the full physical model.
Please, do not forget that when you change your tables in an incompatible way, report (insight) executions may start fail e.g. because missing column. That is why it makes sense to re-scan as soon as possible and fix mappings between LDM and PDM. The rest (metrics, insights, ...) stays the same, that's the benefit of having LDM on top of PDM. Hint: even when you move a column to a different table, there is no need to update metrics/insights/... - you move corresponding label/fact to corresponding dataset in LDM and keep its ID, which is referenced from metrics/insights/...
Thanks @David Kubecka and @Jan Soubusta