Hello everyone, I'm new to GoodData and I had a q...
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Hello everyone, I'm new to GoodData and I had a question about something. I this x-axis with dates in the InsightView graph. However, the dates are showing completely, I would like to customize it and remove the year and leave only mm/dd displaying. How could I modify the config for this? (The graph image is in the post below) Here's my config object that I'm passing to the InsightView component:
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export const timelineConfig = {
	xaxis: {
		visible: true,
		rotation: '45',
		name: {
			visible: false
	legend: {
		enabled: true,
		position: 'bottom'
Hello Konstantin, unfortunately customzing date display in InsightView is currently not possible using only front end config per insight. InsightView just displays whatever comes from the server. Option would be changing slicing to Month/Year but that would also change the slicing granularity. I'm sorry we can't provide you with better solution right now.
Hi Konstantine, you can change the date format only globally for your account https://help.gooddata.com/doc/growth/en/dashboards-and-insights/change-date-format But still options are limited to predefined formats, all including year. If it is still issue, you can use just raw data from execution and apply format and rendering of chart by your own https://sdk.gooddata.com/gooddata-ui/docs/create_new_visualization.html