Hey guys, I just did a straightforward install on ...
# gooddata-platform
Hey guys, I just did a straightforward install on Amazon EKS: eksctl create cluster --name gooddata-bi --region us-east-1 --nodegroup-name ng-gooddata-bi --nodes 3 --external-dns-access --full-ecr-access --vpc-public-subnets "subnet-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX,subnet-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" --vpc-private-subnets "subnet-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX,subnet-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" helm -n ingress-nginx install ingress-nginx ingress-nginx/ingress-nginx -f values.yaml --set controller.replicaCount=2 values.yaml content: controller: config: # This should improve performance client-body-buffer-size: '1m' # This should resolve possible issue with big headers proxy-buffer-size: '16k' helm install --timeout 30m --version 1.5.1 --namespace gooddata-cn --wait -f simple-values-gooddata-cn.yaml gooddata-cn gooddata/gooddata-cn simple-values-gooddata-cn.yaml content: deployRedisHA: true deployPostgresHA: true Generated hash and created organization. I get the url from the ingress controller. Why when I access it, I don't get to the Good Data login page, instead I'm getting 404 - Page not found?
Hi Carlos! May I know if you have any failing pods in your deployment? and also, which โ€œsiteโ€ are you trying to access?
Hi Daniela. Thanks for the replying! I was trying to access the home page, but I managed to resolve and now I can access Good Data. ๐Ÿ™‚
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