```Hi everyone. I have a question. Can I change th...
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Hi everyone. I have a question.
Can I change the sequence of the list that appears in the filter? I noticed that both the filter and the data model organize the attribute names in alphabetical order. Can I set another order without changing the attribute value names?
Hello Douglas, I'm afraid this is not possible at the moment. But I believe you could assign this attribute another label (displayForm) and prefix the new labels with 01, 02, 03, … to make the order different. Would that work for you?
Actually it may be possible using sort label.
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Without sort label:
With sort label:
There is an option in the web modeler to set that another label for the attribute is a sort label:
Thanks @Martin Burian, I didn't know! Could you please link appropriate documentation?
Douglas, is it what you were looking for? ^
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That was it! I believe these labels will help me in this organization. Thank you so much @Martin Burian and @Jiri Zajic for your help.
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