Hi, I am trying out Gooddata to get a grasp wether...
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Hi, I am trying out Gooddata to get a grasp wether it is a good fit for us. I have uploaded .csv files from a database dump and our dates are in the following format "2019-04-08T203949". Is there a way I can associate these with a date in gooddata, right now I can only define them as attributes. Or do I need to format the timestamps before loading the data into Gooddata?
Hi Tobias, There is no direct support of time dimension in GoodData as there is for dates, you need to prepare time dimension as a separate dataset. For this you need to make some preparation in your ETL. The following article https://community.gooddata.com/solution-architecture-62/working-with-time-in-workspace-201 describes how to prepare time dimension and the ways of using it in your calculations.
Thank you @Ulku Kijasev for your help! Do you know if Gooddata will support time dimensions in the future?
Time dimension is available in GoodData.CN (The self-hosted cloud-native analytics platform). https://www.gooddata.com/developers/cloud-native/doc/1.0/concepts/date/