Hi! I just wanted to ask about Gooddata CN (with K...
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Hi! I just wanted to ask about Gooddata CN (with Kubernetes) where you collect metadata about reports/dashboard/ metrics (our PostgreSQL)? If something happens can I recover it somehow?
Hi Daria, I am sorry for little bit late reply. I am collecting information for an answer. Me or one of my colleagues will be back with answer as soon as possible.
Hi Daria, metadata are stored in PostgreSQL database, which can be a part of GD.CN deployment or you can configure your own, e.g. AWS RDS. The one in GD.CN is running in HA setup, outside GD.CN you can utilize e.g. Aurora to achieve HA. GD.CN does not contain any jobs taking care of backups of this database. It's up to you to configure it.
Additionally we recommend to implement a job regularly backing up the content of the metadata database. There is the declarative organization API, which provides all metadata inside the organization (GET to backup, PUT to restore). https://www.gooddata.com/developers/cloud-native/doc/1.3/administration/organization-layout/
Backup the organization layout into version control system like GIT, so you can restore any version later.