Hi, I'm just trialing GoodData and embedding dashb...
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Hi, I'm just trialing GoodData and embedding dashboards with an existing React app hosted subdirectory, something like: https://localhost:4070/reports https://www.example.com/reports With the deployed proxy for testing it seems to use the host only so it's redirecting to: https://localhost:4070/api/v1/entities/workspaces/ https://www.example.com/api/v1/entities/workspaces/ With the application deployed at subdirectory I would expect it to redirect to: https://localhost:4070/reports/api/v1/entities/workspaces/ https://www.example.com/reports/api/v1/entities/workspaces/ I can probably work around this but wondered if there were configuration options or the like?
Hi Shane, Radek from the GD Technical team here! Considering the API endpoints are all on the GoodData side and point to the GoodData domain to get the data (
), I don't think changing the routing like this is actually necessary to get things to work 🙂
I think step 3 https://www.gooddata.com/docs/gooddata-ui/latest/learn/integrate_and_authenticate/cn_and_cloud_integration/#IntegrateCNandClou[…]intoyourapplication through me:
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or if your application will be hosted on a different host than the GoodData Cloud or <http://GoodData.CN|GoodData.CN> backend
That meant I used the one above that then everything was relative to the domain. Couple with the local dev setup that also had a proxy just mean I had to read things a bit closer. Thanks for your help.
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