Hello, we are wondering what are the best practice...
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Hello, we are wondering what are the best practices in term of loading times when using the Dashboard component? As I see it, there are two situations: 1: First visualisation of a dashboard 2: Visiting again a dashboard (in a "user session", example switching between two dashboards, drill down, etc.) If I'm not mistaken, the loading time in situation 1 will mostly depend of the number of visualisations and wheter GoodData's cache is hot. Is that correct? Is there some way to improve the delays There? What is "*flexCache*" and how can it help? What about the loading time in 2? Can we expect that if a user goes to dashboard 1, then dashboard 2, then hit previous to go back to dashboard 1, the latter would be displayed instantly? We are noticing delays between 5-15 seconds even when GoodData's cache is hot. Also, re-visiting a dashboard will take as much time as visiting it for the first time. We notice that the Dashboard component will trigger ~100 http calls to the GoodData servers. We've seen this documentation about a
option but it doesn't seem to help. Is this supposed to add a "client cache"? In what situation will this help? Finally, is it important to re-use the same Dashboard component between dashboards or is this not necessary? Thanks!
Hello Simon, The performance of the component and workspace computation in general may be affected by many factors such as complexity of your model, Insights and metrics, etc. You can check if you are not breaching some of our platform limits as well, more details about them can be found in our documentation here: https://support.gooddata.com/hc/en-us/articles/9703853324179-GoodData-Cloud-Limits Now, performance for the dashboard component itself may be improved by following the recommendation in our guide here: https://www.gooddata.com/docs/gooddata-ui/latest/references/dashboard_component/improve_performance/ (Please take a look at the example on how to use the caching backend). I would recomemnd that you have defined the parameters as specified there. Regarding your question about FlexCache, it is a new cache component based on Apache Arrow, we provided more details about it in our blogpost here, but it’s not something you need to enable on your end: https://www.gooddata.com/blog/how-to-build-analytics-with-apache-arrow/ With that said, I would start by making sure that the data computation and visualizations are within the platform limits and then follow the guide to improve the performance. On a second note, it might also be worth making sure that you are using the latest release of our SDK as we constantly introduce improvements to it.
Thank you for the answer! We will have a look and come back to you 🙂