Hello, we tried to implement the caching option re...
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Hello, we tried to implement the caching option released with the version 9.3.0 of the SDK, but as far as we could tell, it does nothing. So we have a few interrogations: ā€¢ What is it supposed to do? I believe it should cache the result of (at least some) query results, but the number of requests seems stable with or without ā€¢ Does it conflict with the "withCustomWorkspaceSettings" method? ā€¢ Anything there's to know to make use of it? We used the following code, everything seems fine, even Typescript seems to be pleased with it, but as said earlier, it doesn't seem to change anything:
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const res = withCaching(
    tigerFactory({ hostname: GOODDATA_URL }).withAuthentication(
      new TigerTokenAuthProvider(token),
Hi Bastien, Radek from the GoodData technical team, I'm looking into this, will keep you updated! šŸ™‚
Hi there Bastien, so I double-checked with the SDK developers, and this implementation is both correct and valid. Unfortunately the documentation on caching settings seems to have disappeared between versions, but each setting is fully described on our GitHub; there are also the RecommendedCachingConfiguration values - these should be helpful to explain the caching impact a little more while I work with our documentation team to bring them back to where they belong šŸ™‚
Hello, thanks a lot for the links, it will indeed be helpful šŸ‘