Using the react components GD provides, I can targ...
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Using the react components GD provides, I can target things portions of the Dashboard react component. Is there a mechanism in the GD platform to give a particular insight an identifier that would allow me to target an insight?
Hey there Levi, Radek here 🙂 Lemme have a look and I'll get back to you!
Just to confirm, what exactly would the usecase here be? If it comes to users clicking on parts of the Dashboard, that would be doable with an eventListener, but I'm assuming this is more than that, right?
Correct. We're looking to style some of the GD components. We use the react libraries so we can target the components. However, there the selectors are pretty gnarly. It would be nice to be able to have a top level class selector that we can use. I see there are dom elements that have
values so something is adding those. I was wondering if I could specify a class in the GD platform and target it in the app css selector
Hmm, that might be entering Dashboard plugin territory, but I'll check with the devs! 🙂
Okay, I'm back with some answers - at the moment, the only officially supported way of customising CSS/style is via theming, as the CSS itself is considered a private API could be changed without warning. That said, if you have props in mind that you want to alter, and see that themes don't offer enough functionality, I can pass the information along and there's a chance the theming functionality could be extended (assuming no large code changes are needed to make it happen).