Hi Team, How to convert to date format from `"2022...
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Hi Team, How to convert to date format from
May 2022
Hi Jitender, You can change the date attribute label by clicking “display as” in Analytical Designer. Please take a look at the following documentation that covers this: https://help.gooddata.com/doc/enterprise/en/dashboards-and-insights/analytical-designer/visualize-your-data/create-insights/#CreateInsi[…]ranularity The documentation is intended for GoodData Platform, but if you are using GoodData Cloud or Gooddata CN, you can follow the same steps
Hi @Moises Morales Thanks for responding to my query, let me explain you in detail. On GoodData date format is shown as seen in the attached screenshot on Table Chart
But on our side we are using AG grid to show data for table charts so we need to format date similar to showing on gooddata
labelValue is 2021-05 and on Chart it is rendered as May 2021, so I want to know how to do it on UI side in react
Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to say how this could be achieved on AG, but I found the following thread How to format data before displaying it on ag-grid - Stack Overflow