I'm working on a GD dashboard plugin. I was able ...
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I'm working on a GD dashboard plugin. I was able to use the plugin-toolkit provided by gooddata to get an example project. I was able to follow the defined steps the in readme to get the plugin hosted and added to a dashboard. That all went better than I expected. Now that I have a plugin and minimal understanding of how to get it to show up on a dashboard, I'm in to the real functionality building. Questions: 1. On a dashboard, you can specify things like a date range. How is that dashboard filter made available to the dashboard plugin I've created? It seems like it might be provided in the _ctx: DashboardContext provided to the
function but I'm not sure. 2. I see this definition of sizing based on page breakpoint (see image 1). However, I would prefer to leave that up to the dashboard editing in the GD UI (see image 2). I want to be able to allow the sizing in GD UI vs explicitly defined in dashboard plugin. How do I do that?
I've been going over some of the documentation, exploring some of the different paths to try and get things worked out. 1. In the GD plugins repo there is a reference to Grey pages. I think I was tricked. To the best of my knowledge, grey pages only exist as part of GD Platform. There is no reference to them in GD Cloud. From what I can tell, people are often confused about the difference and end up on the wrong set of documentation so it might be worth added some context: https://github.com/gooddata/gooddata-dashboard-plugins/tree/334b7e5bc3704587ba93970cd6ebaf3d336f4fbd/dashboard_description_plugin#configuration-json 2. @Radek Novacek you helped me with the CSP for getting my custom plugin to show up on the dashboard inside of GD. That is still working. However, it doesn't appear to be showing on the embedded dashboard (inside our application). That was a bit unexpected. Any thoughts? 3. Also the general question from above
Hey there Levi šŸ™‚ 1. You're definitely right, this does need to be a little more specific, I'll mention that to the team - thank you for pointing that one out! 2. Are you getting any console errors when loading the embedded dashboards? 3. I'll have to check into these a little more, let me get back to you!
It doesn't seem like I'm getting console errors but I'll check again. Doesn't hurt to triple check
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Where did we land on the ability to configure the size of a dashboard plugin inside of the GD platform? Is there any documentation that I can look at that talks about that?
I'm pretty sure the breakpoints are the only good way, but trying to double-check myself and confirm šŸ™‚
Hi Levi, I'm back with more info: ā€¢ for dashboard plugin filters - you need to specify which date dataset is used for the date filter ā€¢ for size changes - this is indeed only doable with page breaks unfortunately We have a pretty good example of the filter (and ways to ignore filters) on the Component library gallery!
I took a quick peek at these examples and they are helpful. They leave some gaps in the how. Not for lack of trying though. The comments are helpful. Someone really tried to guide people on the how. It just isn't quite enough. I'm looking at the examples again and we'll see what I can come up with for usability šŸ‘
It also looks like these examples might be made from a different tool than the plugin cli. For example, the cli tool doesn't use
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That was just the first thing I spotted. The drift between the documentation and the tooling creates a bit of a puzzle.
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