I think I'm close to getting this custom gooddata ...
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I think I'm close to getting this custom gooddata dashboard plugin to work but I'm having difficulty getting it to show up on my workspace dashboard in the GD cloud environment. I used the https://www.npmjs.com/package/@gooddata/plugin-toolkit to create the plugin template. Followed the readme for the .env and .env.secrets files. Following the guide I was able to see the new plugin on the defined dashboard locally ( All seemed well. I then did the build of the plugin to get the output files. I took all those files and placed them in our Azure storage under the folder
. I used the plugin-toolket to add the plugin and thing link the plugin. The output of those commands indicated success:
Everything looks valid. Going to link plugin on the dashboard.
I added the azure url to the CORS settings in GD Cloud. I went to the dashboard in the GD Cloud environment and so no trace of the plugin. I don't see any errors in the console either. What have I missed?
Hey there Levi, can you try to also add the plugin source into your Content Security Policy as
? If that doesn't help, there's a very nice article that could be useful to double-check your steps, but if all of those match as well and there's still no progress, please let me know and we'll pick up from there 🙂
blamo, CSP was the culprit. Good call. For what its worth, CPS is not mentioned at all in the repo reference for examples: https://github.com/gooddata/gooddata-dashboard-plugins/blob/master/README.md The readme generated in the project from the CLI tool or the article you linked. However, it does mention it here: https://www.gooddata.com/docs/gooddata-ui/latest/references/dashboard_component/dashboard_plugins/#DashboardPlugins-ConfigurationonGoodDataCloud So the information is indeed there, I just missed it.
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