Hi Team, I have updated Gooddata packages in front...
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Hi Team, I have updated Gooddata packages in frontend from
and I getting below error
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Module not found: Can't resolve '@gooddata/sdk-model/internal' in '/Users/jitendersingh/cwa_projects/prism_bit/raas-ui/node_modules/@gooddata/sdk-backend-tiger/esm/convertors/fromBackend/analyticalDashboards'
Please help me out to fix it
@Ivana Gasparekova @Matyáš Kandl @Jan Rehanek
Hi @Jitender Singh, I'm assuming that you will want to stay on 9.0.1 instead, if this is related to the other thread I answered on - can you try to downgrade to 9.0.1 and see if the issue persists? Also, a small side-note, but it's not necessary to tag GoodData employees on your questions - we are always keeping an eye on the Community Slack, and will answer as quickly as we are able to 🙂
Hi @Radek Novacek thanks for the reply, I am getting same issue with 9.0.1 version
When originally migrating, did you follow the steps outlined in our migration guide?