Hello team! We're using Dashboard Plugins quite a...
# gooddata-ui
Hello team! We're using Dashboard Plugins quite a bit lately and we noticed a few items missing ā€” here's a friendly feedback, and please consider adding the functionality (if it makes sense to you, too): ā€¢ Since we can
gdc-plugins dashboard-plugin add
, we would like to be able to also
gdc-plugins dashboard-plugin REMOVE
ā€¢ Since the README considers it a _`_GOOD IDEA_`_ to
treat plugin builds immutably. Never overwrite an already uploaded plugin artifacts.
, it would be handy to have
gdc-plugins dashboard-plugin replace
that would keep the existing plugin in the workspace under the same identifier, but it would update the
with a newly deployed version of a plugin. If I'm thinking about it wrong, please suggest alternatives. Thanks! Zajda
Hi Jiri, thanks for your feedback. I have gone ahead and highlighted this internally.
šŸŽ‰ New note created.
Thanks @Moises Morales!
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