Hi all, I have rather interesting scenario in my a...
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Hi all, I have rather interesting scenario in my app: I have an app with a dropdown (Assume values A and B) I login for the first time and I see the GD dashboards and insights working fine . This pertains to option A in my dropdown. However if I change a value from my dropdown selector (The values in the dropdown have their own associated encryptedClaims), the app refreshes, but the new dashboard/insight doesn’t show up and instead I get a FORBIDDEN error. The case gets interesting because if I force refresh my browser, the new data for B(insights) appears normally. NOTE: 1. My dashboards Insights remain same through the app life cycle. I apply filters based on my dropdown value (A or B) to “slice”and show parts of the Insights 2. The encryptedClaims for option A and B are correctly attached to outgoing requests and the cookies change accordingly. Am I doing something wrong here? Thanks in advance
Hello @Neeraj Das can you share the the console error stack and maybe some code example? Hard to say just from your description. What do you mean by "encryptedClaims" - does it mean, that after the drop down change, you are doing logout/login of the user? How exactly are you embedding the dashboards and insights?
Hey @Matyáš Kandl, no I am not logging the user out when the value changes, its just that this new value uses an updated encryptedClaim. And we are using SSO login mechanism to authenticate. We are getting frequents 403 on GD API’s as well. I shall soon send the screenshots here.
There you go @Matyáš Kandl :)
Just confirmed with our BE team that indeed yes, we login/logout during each value change from the dropdown. But the user doesnt see this as this is abstracted away and his/her session is maintained at our app side.
Thanks Neeraj, we'll look into that! Do you have an e-mail we could reach out to once we review that?
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Hello @Jaroslav Zapadlo! Thanks for getting back and sure you can send me the resources to my work email at: neeraj.das@aklamio.com