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Hi Team, @Peter Plochan @Petr Dolejsi @Martin Burian @Robert Moucha cc: @Narinder Kumar @Alex Kearns @Balamurali Ananthan Is there a way to embed the GoodData Analyse window other than embedding it with iframes? The issue with iframes is, we can’t control the buttons on analyze window using the
iframes contentDocument
because of the different hostnames of our application and Gooddata-CN. If there’s no option other than iframes, is it possible for the GoodData team to support some query parameters which we can send to disable the buttons? Additionally, is there a way to invoke any custom event on click of Save? We are opening the Analyse window in a modal popup and we might need to rely on Save event to close the modal if none of the above options work. Regards, Prashant
Hi, It can be embedded only through iframe.
You can use
URL query parameter to hide top bar, via
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I dont think there is more granularity to it
Thanks, @Petr Dolejsi, I believe we can use the PostMessage feature while saving the insight as mentioned here: https://help.gooddata.com/doc/enterprise/en/expand-your-gooddata-platform/gooddata-in[…]-the-save-an-insight-event-from-embedded-analytical-designer Please let us know if there's a better approach.
Unfortunately not. You can use only iframe for embedding and URL parameters (limited) and postMessages are the only way how to interact with the app integrated via iframe
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