Greetings.... quick it possible to ...
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Greetings.... quick it possible to programmatically authenticate with a username and password to the Tiger/CN/Community Edition backend using javascript? Such that the browser can get a cookie and remain authenticated...I am trying to avoid forcing the user to authenticate using the GoodData UI. I have attempted to hard code the Bearer token... but CORS preflight complains about the Authorization header. Thanks in advance for your assistance, and please let me know if there is more information that I can provide.
Hello @Vincil Bishop! We do not officially provide any tooling to remove authentication due to security reasons, yet it is still technically possible to auto-authenticate. • When running application on your localhost during development, you can start the server using
. • You could simulate the same thing in production; please observe methods
of a newly created
. I'm not sure what exact issue you are facing with CORS preflight Authorization header. Do you feel like you could try the above and let us know if it worked for you?
‼️ Please keep in mind that GoodData is a SECURE platform with high security standards. Proceed at your own risk only, and feel free to consult with us when in doubt ‼️
got it... let me look at those, thanks!!!
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