I’m having an issue where `<AttributeFilterButt...
# gooddata-ui
I’m having an issue where
won’t display the selected values, only commas with no values if I have an
with more than one value in it. Been trying to figure this out all day but I can’t tell what’s wrong.
Hi Evan, what version of the GoodData.UI are you using, please? There were some bugs related to this that we fixed in the 8.8.0 release of GoodData.UI. Can you please try using that? Because the filter you are showing (the JS object) looks correct.
Hi again, I looked further into it, and it turns out a similar bug was reported also internally and the fix for it will be part of the next GoodData.UI release (8.9.0). So if upgrade to the latest GoodData.UI does not help, it might be best to wait for the 8.9.0 to come out with the fix. Sorry for the inconvenience…
Ok, thank you. We have a kinda hacky fix in place that should suffice for now
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