``` I'm running this work on Cloud Connect and it ...
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I'm running this work on Cloud Connect and it finishes without errors.
When it runs directly on good data it gives this error.
I don't know how to solve it, could anyone help me?

2024-04-11T13:48:46.170+0100 [WatchDog_0] [INFO]: request_id=disc_PI1M4xX95P:5nrM7h6fi7WJtqCM:uPjar3YbqQceHBjG DBConnection driver[org.jetel.connection.jdbc.driver.JdbcDriverImpl@788d9139]:jndi[null]:url[jdbc:jtds:<sqlserver://br1sql.moveresoftware.com:1905/MoovCarDw]:user[thomazlima>] ... OK
2024-04-11T13:48:46.170+0100 [WatchDog_0] [INFO]: request_id=disc_PI1M4xX95P:5nrM7h6fi7WJtqCM:uPjar3YbqQceHBjG Final dictionary content:
2024-04-11T13:48:46.170+0100 [WatchDog_0] [INFO]: request_id=disc_PI1M4xX95P:5nrM7h6fi7WJtqCM:uPjar3YbqQceHBjG DictEntry:GD_DatasetWriter_BatchUpload:hlqdqap3dsye1z7vyup47bpe1afdupj6:object:<unprintable_value>
2024-04-11T13:48:46.171+0100 [WatchDog_0] [INFO]: request_id=disc_PI1M4xX95P:5nrM7h6fi7WJtqCM:uPjar3YbqQceHBjG -----------------------** Summary of Phases execution **---------------------
2024-04-11T13:48:46.171+0100 [WatchDog_0] [INFO]: request_id=disc_PI1M4xX95P:5nrM7h6fi7WJtqCM:uPjar3YbqQceHBjG Phase#            Finished Status         RunTime(sec)    MemoryAllocation(KB)
2024-04-11T13:48:46.171+0100 [WatchDog_0] [INFO]: request_id=disc_PI1M4xX95P:5nrM7h6fi7WJtqCM:uPjar3YbqQceHBjG 0                 ERROR                              7            274175
2024-04-11T13:48:46.171+0100 [WatchDog_0] [INFO]: request_id=disc_PI1M4xX95P:5nrM7h6fi7WJtqCM:uPjar3YbqQceHBjG ------------------------------** End of Summary **---------------------------
2024-04-11T13:48:46.171+0100 [WatchDog_0] [INFO]: request_id=disc_PI1M4xX95P:5nrM7h6fi7WJtqCM:uPjar3YbqQceHBjG WatchDog thread finished - total execution time: 7 (sec)
2024-04-11T13:48:46.172+0100 [main] [INFO]: request_id=disc_PI1M4xX95P:5nrM7h6fi7WJtqCM:uPjar3YbqQceHBjG Graph=MoovCarAnalytics/graph/ETL_TD_PRODUTO.grf error: Graph=ETL_TD_PRODUTO transformation failed!:
    Component [GD Dataset Writer:GD_DATASET_WRITER] finished with status ERROR.:
    action=batch_sli_upload status=failed :
    Transfering data to the datasets [dataset.td_produto] finished with the status ERROR.
2024-04-11T13:48:46.173+0100 [main] [INFO]: request_id=disc_PI1M4xX95P:5nrM7h6fi7WJtqCM:uPjar3YbqQceHBjG Worker (94898), sending message with tag:mess
Hi Tomas, The typical cause associated with this error message might be that there are some non-printable or white characters and it is indeed possible that those are getting through when running the graph locally. I was checking the log and it looks it’s exactly the same case here:
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***/2024-04-11_13-48-38_SRrqd/upload_status.json => { "date" : "2024-04-11 14:48:42", "messages" : [], "status" : "ERROR", "uploads" : [ { "date" : "2024-04-11 14:48:42", "error" : { "component" : "GDC::SliToDli::CMainLoop", "errorClass" : "GDC::Exception::User", "message" : "Can't parse line \"%s\" in %s, probably wrong parsing parameters or inappropriate usage of escape character.", "parameters" : [ "1251", "upload_dataset.td_produto.csv" ] }, "status" : "ERROR" } ] }
Seems there is some whitespace in this particular part:
"2024-04-11 14:48:42"
In case you will need some further assistance, I would suggest you to contact TOTVS directly. They can submit a Support Ticket on your behalf if needed.