Hi I'm trying to implement this SSO guide: <https:...
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Hi I'm trying to implement this SSO guide: https://help.gooddata.com/doc/growth/en/expand-your-gooddata-platform/gooddata-integr[…]-sso/saml-sso-with-gooddata/setting-up-auth0-single-sign-on/ I'm not sure what my subdomain would be for the url
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Our UI domain is
but both this and
seem to lead to a 404 for the end point
Hi Faizah, I am sorry for the confusion, but if your UI domain is
then you are using the “GoodData Cloud” product. That is a different application than “GoodData Platform” for which the documentation you linked is for. While the applications are similar in some features, there are significant differences and SSO is one of them. Documentation for “GoodData Cloud” can be found here: https://www.gooddata.com/docs/cloud/ Anything under help.gooddata.com/doc/ is documentation for the “GoodData Platform”. And in most cases these are not interchangeable. Regarding SSO/Authentication for “GoodData Cloud”, it is not using SAML, but OIDC. But If you are working with Auth0, it should also work for you. Here are the steps how to set it up: https://www.gooddata.com/docs/cloud/manage-organization/set-up-authentication/
Ah ok thanks!