Hi everyone, I’m on a 30-day trial of GoodData, un...
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Hi everyone, I’m on a 30-day trial of GoodData, unsuccessfully trying to load my workspace directly from Keboola using their GoodData data destination writer. Can somebody please confirm that this kind of connection is even possible on a GoodData trial? Thank you. As credentials, I’m using the “Backend URL” and “Project ID” from the URL when in the workspace, e.g*.
plus my e-mail as username and the password. Not even sure if that’s right. I understand the writer is external to GoodData. Just trying to make sure I’m on the right path before digging deeper on Keboola’s part. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks!
Hi Petr, As far as I know, “Keboola writer” was designed for the integration with GD Platform and not for the GD Cloud. The list of all supported data sources and data source managers can be found here. May I know how critical is this integration for your business case?
As a complete new newcomer to GD, I didn’t know there was a difference… or rather development? This means the writer in itself is now an out-dated approach, correct? It’s honestly not critical. Our current setup is Keboola as an ETL tool > Snowflake cloud > Looker Studio. Looker Studio as a free tool is however the bottle neck right now due to various data volume limits, so I am exploring other data visualization tools we could jump over to. And I was told to use the writer as a straight forward way to full load data into Good Data without any other steps required. In other words, I should ditch this and use the Snowflake cloud as a data source? Thank you!
Yes Petr, you are basically right. The GoodData trial is currently based on the newest “GoodData Cloud” product. One (but not the only) difference from the previous “GoodData Platform” product is, that it is not needed to physically load the data. GoodData Cloud connects directly to one of the supported databases and executes queries against it as you go. Snowflake is a supported database, so probably the best next step for you to do is to connect your trial directly to your Snowflake. If you need to do any data transformation before, you can use Keboola (or any other ETL tool) to do it in Snowflake. (Or there is a beta feature of “SQL dataset” in GoodData Cloud, which allows you to define custom SQL under your dataset if you like). The Keboola Writer only works with GoodData Platform as far as I know (physically loads data to it) and I am not aware of some Keboola GoodData Cloud component at the moment. The logic of the logical data model, and MAQL metrics are 99% the same as in GoodData Platform, but there might be some differences in available features and APIs so make sure you are working with the right documentation: The documentation for GoodData Cloud is always under this URL: https://www.gooddata.com/docs/cloud/, while the documentation for GoodData Platform is under this one: https://help.gooddata.com/doc/enterprise/en/ (be careful i.e. where you land if i.e. searching with Google etc.) You can also ask in the #gooddata-cloud channel here for things specific to GoodData Cloud.
Thank you Michal for elaborating on the differences. I will give the Snowflake data source a go. The reason I wanted to experiment with the direct physical data load is that we had bad experience with a live connection to an external database resulting in long delays when playing with filters etc over a couple million records. It was just a free Looker Studio account though so I’ll see how GoodData will perform. Thanks!