hello again! another product feature that seems to...
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hello again! another product feature that seems to be missing. Filters don’t filter their values list within the context of other page filters. That is not a great user experience. Any way I’m missing to do this? and if not, is it on the product roadmap? More details in thread…
@William Whelan FYI ^^^
Service groups are groups of services. If I select a service group (which filters to just a specific list of services) it doesn’t filter the service name list to just those that exist within the service group. This is standard behaviour in Power BI and Quicksight and it seems to me essential behaviour because it is an awful experience for an end-user to select something to filter the page but then have to guess which services might now be available for further drilldown. I’m very much hoping I’m just being too new to know how to do this because it seems very basic functionality to not have
to make it clear, we have customers who have several hundred services and they might have a group that has just 10 services within it. If they want to filter to just those 10 services it is horrible UX to then want to drill down further by service and be presented with a list of 200 service names, 190 of which will just result in no data because they aren’t compatible with the service group filter.
Hi Jamie, I believe you need to configure Service Name as a child filter, this way it will only show values that are relevant to the attribute selected in Service Group. This feature is describe here: Filters in Dashboards | GoodData Enterprise I hope this helps!
This feature is not available in GD Cloud yet (only in GD platform). It is on roadmap with planned delivery in this quarter.
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thanks @Jakub Sterba and @Moises Morales