Hi there, in the LDM this column is recognised as ...
# gd-beginners
Hi there, in the LDM this column is recognised as a boolean, but in the metric editor it's interpreted as a string. Why?
What behavior would you appreciate in the metric editor? Something like
WHERE attribute
? We treat BOOLEANs this way because: • It was simpler to implement • Not all data sources support BOOLEAN data type
WHERE attribute
WHERE NOT attribute
are the behaviours I would expect. Needing to do
WHERE attribute = "TRUE"
feels extremely unintuitive when
is a Boolean. If it needs to be interpreted as a string by default due to other data sources not supporting Booleans, perhaps being able to explicitly cast it as a Boolean would be good compromise.
Either way, it would be fantastic for the error message for any type mismatch involving Booleans and strings to mention this behaviour, as it's quite unexpected and confusing.
Please, anyone, can you put it to our Product Board?