Hi there. Has someone successfully connected gooda...
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Hi there. Has someone successfully connected goodata with an aws redshift instance? I've got all the data ready to be read. I found the JDBC-URL to connect to, but I'm stuck at giving the correct permissions.
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Do i need to create a user or a role or both? Currently I've created a user in IAM with permission "AmazonRedshiftFullAccess". I've created key and secret for that user and try to connect in gooddata with key as username and secret as password --> Connection failed. Request failed with status code 400
Hi Mike, If I’m not mistaken, you are using GoodData Cloud is that correct? In any case, you have two options: 1. Either you create a dedicated user and user role for integration with the GoodData platform 2. Or if you use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) for Redshift authentication: Create an IAM role or user with permissions to call
More details on each possibility can be found in the bellow documentation: https://www.gooddata.com/docs/cloud/connect-data/create-data-sources/redshift/#CreateanAmazonRedshiftDataSource-ConfigureUserAccessRights In case of further struggles/questions, let us know.
In another section, you can find a manual how to connect to your Redshift instance from GoodData: https://www.gooddata.com/docs/cloud/connect-data/create-data-sources/redshift/#CreateanAmazonRedshiftDataSource-CreateanAmazonRedshiftDataSource
Thanks @Julius Kos for your help! I'm on a cloud trial instance, thats right. Still no success so far. I've created a user in Amazon IAM with fully redshift:* permissions. Questions: • do I need to create an access key (key and secret) and use that as username and password? or • do I need to create a console login with a password? Is the username then the fully ARN of the user, or only the username? • are you aware that in Amazon Redshift, there is a whole configuration about "Data-Access" from outside (VPC config, Subnets, ...) - nothing is mentioned in the docs if I need to configure something there • the docs talk about "Basic authentication is supported. Specify user and password." - Where would I setup Basic Auth in Amazon IAM? I'm not sure if the documentation is lacking a lot of information or maybe Amazon has built a lot of security features into Redshift which is not covered right now, but I'm pretty sure, its not possible to setup the connection for me right now.