Hi GoddData Team! I'm currently porting a Power BI...
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Hi GoddData Team! I'm currently porting a Power BI report to GoodData. I've played with GoodData for some time now to get an idea on how things are organized, however, I would really appreciate if could could help me with a jump start. I have data of real estate ads that is structured as follows (simplified): • Ad ID (INT) • Price (DECIMAL) • City (STRING) • First listed (DATE) • Delisted (DATE) This means that I have for every real estate ad the date it was first listed and the date it was listed last (delisted). Now I would like to create a chart that tells me how many ads were listed each day or what the average daily price per month was (e.g. take the average daily price of all available ads and calculate the monthly average). The question is how can I do this? Is there: a) a measure I could use to achieve this without the need for changing the model or b) do I have to create a separate table outside of GoodData that would include rows with the ad ID and "Active Date" for each day the ad was active and load this into the model? Could you please give a GoodData beginner some tips? Thanks!
Hi Martin, just to make sure I understand properly, in your result by “_how many ads were listed each day_” , do you mean how many ads • had the value of first_listed_date equal to that date • or how many ads had that date between their first_listed_date and delisted_date (incl. empty delisted_date). if it is the second one, then you are correct that you will probably need to expand your data in a table or a view to include row for each day when the ad was active, similar to this question in the community. Depending on which GoodData product are you using, in case of GD Cloud, you could do this also in a “SQL dataset” in your GoodData model (write a SQL query there), otherwise with GD Platform, you would need to do it in your database.
For the “daily average price per month” - here the answer is probably similar but depending on what exactly is the business definition and how it is related to the “price” in your data. If it is total price (for the whole listing duration) or a daily or monthly price and depending on that, you would probably need to somehow weight the price of ad and not calculate it for every single day. But that is more business definition issue than technical.
Thanks a lot @Michal Hauzírek for your quick response! This is exactly the answer that I was looking for! 👍
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