Hello everyone, I'm Menelaos, and currently on a t...
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Hello everyone, I'm Menelaos, and currently on a trial with GoodData. I was trying to connect our Postgres to GoodData but I get a
on response. Sounds logical since we haven't set up auth between them. How can I do so? Thank you very much in advance. Just got stuck following the guide here.
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Is there any chance that we know the IP address the GoodData request comes from?
Hi Menelaos, Usually, authentication to Postgres as a data source is done via simple auth (user/pass), which you’d specify whilst connecting to the data source. As the article you posted states, it is necessary to set up a user with the access rights below, to ensure the connection succeeds:
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GRANT CONNECT ON DATABASE {database_name} TO {role_name};
GRANT USAGE ON SCHEMA {schema_name} TO {role_name};
GRANT SELECT ON ALL TABLES IN SCHEMA {schema_name} TO {role_name};
GRANT {role_name} TO {user_name};
Is that what you are trying? Also, would you mind sending us a screenshot of the error you got? You can also try Testing the Connectivity to the Database, as per the article I just linked, to ensure the credentials and url are valid.
Hey @Francisco Antunes, just tried to connect the data source but unfortunately received the following error. Also, tried to whitelist the IPs the request comes from on GCP but doesn't seem to resolve the issue. Could you please follow up on next steps? I could also send you a DM with the config I've used.
Hi Menelaos, please send me the config via DM so we can follow up
We were able to get the connection going by ensuring that the GoodData Cloud IPs were whitelisted, as per https://www.gooddata.com/developers/cloud-native/doc/cloud/deploy-and-install/cloud/#GoodDataCloudOverview-IPWhitelisting
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