Hi, in my chart full values are displaying for ex....
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Hi, in my chart full values are displaying for ex..54,876,689..... but i need to Display only the First two Values in Chart as $54 M..How to apply the Changes?
Hello @Hari Haran R, you are looking for metric formatting. Please check this docs. https://www.gooddata.com/developers/cloud-native/doc/2.3/create-metrics/format-numbers/
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Metric can be formatted from: • In the Metric tab where metrics are defined. • From Analyze tab when a metric is used in a context of an insight
Specifically for truncating large numbers (i.e. to millions, thousands etc.), there is exactly this example and formatting pattern sample for it in the article which Tomas linked. This pattern is conditional and therefore universal and will format numbers to nearest thousand order based on their size: 54,876,689 to 54M and 2,385 to 2K. And if you want different rules, you can modify it.
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[>=1000000000]#,,,.0 B; 
[>=1000000]#,,.0 M; 
[>=1000]#,.0 K; 
[<=-1000000000]-#,,,.0 B; 
[<=-1000000]-#,,.0 M; 
[<=-1000]-#,.0 K;