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Hello Sasal, As per your recent ticket raised to Support, you are asking about user roles in database in particular. Unfortunately there is no out of box solution for the scenario you are describing. What is definitely possible is that you would be able to restrict the data per user via data permissions directly on the GoodData platform. If you wish to read more about this functionality to see how it works, I can strongly recommend you the bellow community article which describes all the possibilities here: Once you set this up, you could be able to update the users on the platforms according to the roles in your database. However, as I’ve mentioned that would require some additional implementation on your side. Any data permissions or user filters could be updated manually on the platform, via API or User filter brick.
@Sasal Marcon D Arengh also, may I kindly ask you to delete the duplicated questions from other slack channels? 🙏 For future, it is really sufficient to use only 1 channel. I can assure you that your questions will be always addressed accordingly! 🙌