Good one every one, Can any1 spot which is the pro...
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Good one every one, Can any1 spot which is the problem on the following code?, trying to test how GoodData exports a dashboard to a PDF.
def post_request(_url_, _data_):
response = <|>(
_headers_={'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + auth_token,
'Content-type': 'application/json'}, _timeout_=30
result = post_request(
HOST_URL + '/api/v1/actions/workspaces/' + WORKSPACE_ID + '/export/visual',
"dashboardId": DASHBOARD_ID,
"fileName": "export_test_01",
"metadata": {}
It's returning No API path found that matches request. Just in case some1 is wondering, token is good as I'm able to retrieve from endpoint '/api/v1/entities/workspaces' the workspaces, but when trying to perform the post above it's not working. I'm not exposing the variables used for obvious reasons.
Hi Martin, thanks for your question. I see it’s related to our GoodData CN product. Could you please move it to the correct channel > This way it will not be overlooked by our developers. Thanks.
I just checked internally and I am afraid the
command in API won't be available in CN-CE. We can expect it in some production versions soon but since you are on CN it is not reachable there.
This means that we are not able to export dashboards to PDF's? The reason behind my question is that we have a use case, where we would like to send periodic dashboards to some of our clients. Is there any way to achieve this behaviour?
We need to be sure what environment you are using. If we are talking about GD.CN-CE it is really somehow limited in functionality ( I was told that there are already some builds that support this but it must be a production environment (either GD-CN or GD-Cloud). Then I believe it can be orchestrated pretty easily.
@Jakub Vajda thanks for the replies, just to ensure (cause I'm not really sure), I am currently on Cloud trial with the intent of testing the tool. Which by your answer seems I won't be able to test this feature. Please correct me if im wrong
Well I've got a message that "support for this feature will be in P15". If I somehow rephrase - That means we might expect in the release that will happen after the next one (end of March) to be available both for Cloud version and CN. So it will eventually come there but we need to wait.
Thanks for the confirmation !