Hi Folks ! I'm reviewing GoodData, and of course I...
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Hi Folks ! I'm reviewing GoodData, and of course I'm here cause I have some really basic questions. To make the example easy, I'have a data set with 3 fields user, start end date (subscriptions base data). I'm trying to build a simple chart in which each MM-YY as (X axis) and count the active subscriptions (Y axis). user, start,end 1,jan-22,dec-22 2,jan-22,mar-22 result would be: 2 2 2. 1 jan-22 feb-22 march apr-22 resto of month 1 as result The issue I'm encountering is that GoodData is associating the date with only 1 date field either start or end. How can achieve this? I read date-attribute-arithmetic, if I understood correctly that won't solve my query, as it calculates the duration by a given granularity
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Hi @Jaroslav Zapadlo, care to explain the emoji? LOL trying to understand if it's mockery (not being rude here) for the silly question or is it the case GoodData can not achieve such behaviour.
No sir, the request is being processed and some folks will react shortly! I am excited that you're evaluating GoodData as an analytics of choice. I'm pretty sure this will be dealt with shortly 🙂 🎉
lol thanks 😛
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🎉 New note created.