Hello! Loving testing out GoodData so far. I have...
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Hello! Loving testing out GoodData so far. I have a simple metric:
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SELECT {fact/Transaction_scd.amount} * 0.01
This metric shows as “ungrouped” and as such shows in the “unrelated items” section when trying to use data from the same table as the metric is created from
Hi Nicholas. I think these might be two separate things. “ungrouped” just means that it is not in any folder - which is a purely organisational (not semantic) thing. You can combine metrics from any folders (and even “ungrouped”) if they are compatible from the data model and MAQL definition perspective. I believe the reason why your metric is not computable in the context you want is that it contains a fact (numerical field) but does not contain any aggregation function around it like SUM or MAX etc. So the system does not know how to aggregate the numbers in different source data rows to calculate and display the result. Changing your metric to something like this should do the trick:
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SELECT SUM({fact/Transaction_scd.amount}) * 0.01
Amazing! Thanks!
🎉 New note created.