me again:upside_down_face: so i’m trying to create...
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me again🙃 so i’m trying to create a duration metric using this guide but for some reason it doesn’t work for me. when i recreate this scenario
SELECT Date (End Date) -  Date (Start Date) BY [connection point]
as a metric it doesn’t show me any error but when i try it in analytical designer, it shows “SORRY, WE CAN’T DISPLAY THIS INSIGHT” The manual says that
The _[connection point]_ represents the primary key of the data set to which the date dimensions belong.
My dataset doesn’t have a primary key defined but I’m using an attribute to which those dates belong as a
connection point
. Can this be the reason? Or you need to take a look at the data model? thanks much in advance
but also maybe the syntax example in the manual is not precise cos if I understood correctly, metric creation requires aggregation and here we do not define any
Hi Masha, You would need to set the primary key in your dataset for the metric to work as it indicates the dataset to which the date dimension belongs.
got it it worked, thanks, Moises
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