Hey hey, my team has a need to send a dashboard ba...
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Hey hey, my team has a need to send a dashboard based monthly report to the client. One of the widgets of this dashboard is a table view by day. They want to display this table with all the days of the month (30/31 rows) but stumble upon ‘widget is at the maximal height’ limitation. I saw this article but didn’t find anything that will help here. Is there something you can advise? Thanks much
Hi Masha, in this case they will need to add the report/insight to the dashboard as a “Table” report - Once they make it into a Table report, they will not run into this limitation. Please see a screenshot of how to expand the Table report here:
Hi Michael, we’re adding it as the table but it does have this hight limitation. we can see all the data if we use a scroll bar in the dashboard view, but in the report it only displays the data within widget size (please see attached)
Screen Recording 2022-12-19 at 11.56.46.mov
Hi Masha, thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately, in this case you’re reaching a platform limitation and the widget cannot be expanded more. I will mark this as “Product feedback” to highlight this to our Product team for you @Productboard
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ok, got it, thanks Michael!
Hello @Masha Akatieva, GoodData allows to include multiple attachments into one scheduled email. Would including the long table in form of a CSV/EXCEL work for your use case?
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thanks, Tomas, that’s exactly which option we decided to proceed with for now