Hello GD team, I’m applying an attribute filter at...
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Hello GD team, I’m applying an attribute filter at the insight level which helps me to choose several attribute values (let’s say 5/100). After that I’m adding this insight to the dashboard and adding the same attribute filter at the dashboard level. My expectation was that with this second filter at the dashboard level I will only show these 5 values in a dropdown and I will be able to filter by one of those. Instead I see all 100 which seems misleading cos most of those do not have any impact. Is it possible to make this dashboard filter only show me relevant (pre filtered) values in dropdown? thanks much!
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Hi Masha, I am afraid, this is not how filters work in our platform. Please be so kind and check how Filter interact. Could you maybe limit the filter values via some Parent filter as mentioned in article about Dependent attribute filters, please?
ok, got it, thanks Ivana