Visualisation Insight how can I simply delete an ...
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Visualisation Insight how can I simply delete an insight from the vertical selection panel on the right-hand side ? thanks
Hi Gorden, please see the following Doc that should help with this:
I just want to delete an insight, not the whole dashabord
In that case, you just need to put the dashboard into “Edit” mode and then click the 3 dots icon and then you have the option to remove it - as highlighted in this screenshot:
btw. the insights which are not placed on dashboard can be deleted from “Open” dropdown in Analyze
I was looking for that deletion from unused visuals
other Q is it possible to group visuals somehow apart from naming, like putting it in some extra folder ? if number of visuals increases to over 100 it will be difficult to navigate
the panel on the right hand-side of the visuals when drag&drop is not extentable, right ? Product-Board ?