Hello, Guys. my scenario is more or less like this...
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Hello, Guys. my scenario is more or less like this, I have 5 clients and the database is the same for everyone but each one has its own server, I would like to know if that way I can develop just one dashboard for all of them. thanks advance
Hi Ivo, Which product of ours you want to use? And what exactly you mean by the servers of your clients? Do you mean that they will have a self hosted applicaiton where you want to embed GoodData?
If you want to federate multiple database instances and inject data from all of them into single dashboard, there are only 2 solutions: • Use GoodData platform. Setup a ETL to transfer data from all your database into a single datamart running on our side. • Use GoodData.CN/GoodData cloud running directly on top of your databases. You would have to spin-up a federation technology like Apache Drill/Dremio to federate all your data sources. Then GoodData would integrate with Drill/Dremio and could inject data from all your databases into a single dashboard