Hi again! I have an interesting request. I am requ...
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Hi again! I have an interesting request. I am requested to implement a report which looks something like what you can see on the screenshot. The report does not have numeric facts to show. Instead it is supposed to show links (the word “Yes” is a hyperlink) to monthly project reports and also highlight if a project hasn’t created/submitted a report for a specific month. Is it possible to create something like this in GoodData? All the reports I have created this far always have numeric facts. I think we could show 1/0 instead of Yes/No (if that’s necessary), but I am not sure how I could add the links to the reports to this design. I know that attribute values can have associated links, but not sure that can be done with facts. Also, I essentially only have two fact values (Yes/No), but each “Yes” needs to point to a different URL.
Hi Allan, yes it is possible by applying conditional formatting
let me try to give you a simple example… let’s say you have original table like this:
then you apply custom formatting to the metric (yes for numbers higher than 70, NO for lower (and equal):
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result will be like this:
and you can even add colors to the formatting:
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Thanks, Boris! Using conditional formatting is a really clever (yet simple) trick indeed. 🙂
But do you have any idea how to solve the URL part of my question?
As for pointing to the URL, we support drill to URL, but the custom URL can be selected based on the attribute value, not a measure value … so basically each project could have it’s own URL, but not per day/month.
But would it be possible to import by month URLs as an attribute value and then use that value as a link target when clicking on the fact value?
And do I get it correctly that the drill to URL only works for the KPI dashboards and not for the other (older type?) reports/dashboards?
1. you could still have only one URL per attribute (you can either load fully custom URL as attribute label, or generate it dynamically based on the atttribute value - i.e. www.abc.com/{{attribute_value}}) 2. yes, drill to URL works only in the new responsive UI
handling of drilling through web application may be an option for old reports/dashboard if they are embedded https://help.gooddata.com/doc/enterprise/en/expand-your-gooddata-platform/gooddata-in[…]handle-drilling-report-requests-through-your-web-application