Hello. I am new here. I created a dashboard and em...
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Hello. I am new here. I created a dashboard and embedded ifram to angular site. While loading charts, it asks for login. How can display dashboards without login? I am using free plan. Thanks.
Hello Amdadul. Welcome here. Authentication is mandatory, but it does not have to be user name and password, you can authenticate users using Single Sign-on (SSO). With SSO you achieve seamless integration and dashboard will appear right away without a login screen.
If possible I recommend to use the SAML 2.0 industry standard. If it is not possible we have our own proprietary SSO method which is very simple for implementation.
If you would like to try SSO and you will set it up on your side, then please contact GoodData support and they will set it up according setting on your side and you can try the whole experience.
The SSO and embed or SSO + GoodData.UI (JS SDK) is very common method of integration and because we provide multiple options how to set up the SSO, there is always a way how to implement it on customer side.