Hi. We are in the process of evaluating Gooddata C...
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Hi. We are in the process of evaluating Gooddata CN, and during the process, we have installed different versions of GDCN, like I have both 1.6.0 and 3.2 of the container edition on my PC, and another 3.3.1 version on AWS EKS. In case we did not have a good record which version of GDCN we installed in which environment, how can we find it out, either via UI or API? Thanks in advance for your help.
Hello, our General upgrade guide I hope will help you here: https://www.gooddata.com/docs/versions/upgrade-guide/#gooddatacn-production-k8s-edition Execute the following statement to upgrade your GoodData.CN Production K8S Edition environment:
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helm upgrade --namespace gooddata-cn --version n.n.n \
    -f customized-values-gooddata-cn.yaml \
    gooddata-cn gooddata/gooddata-cn
As a reminder of what each value refers to:
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helm upgrade --namespace <NAMESPACE> --version n.n.n \
    -f customized-values-gooddata-cn.yaml \
where: •
is the version number of your current environment. For example, 1.2.0.
Thanks for the response. However, I am not sure the above command will give me the version of the existing installation. As I understand it, the "helm upgrade ..." command above will install a new version "n.n.n" or upgrade the existing one to the new version "n.n.n". Is my understanding not correct? I would like to know the version of my current installation, assuming I lost my records.
My apologies, yes, you’re correct - please let me check this further for you
There is no UI or API for checking installed version. You’ll need to check docker container or in k8s cluster directly for installed version. • For CN.CE for example you can run
docker inspect <container_id>
and search for
• for k8s version you should be able to get the info about installed version by checking specific release e.g. by
helm status <release_name>
Hi Jan, For CN.CE,
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docker inspect gooddata/gooddata-cn-ce:latest
        "Id": "sha256:0e5e80d37faf6a85dc1c4be0ec140b46b5418348302be6ea877e2cedc9e8e9e9",
        "RepoTags": [
        "RepoDigests": [
I installed it at the beginning of the year, and there have been many updates in docker hub. I could manually or write a program to retrieve all digests and compare with the installed one, but I was expecting some easier way. For k8s,
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helm status --namespace gooddata-cn gooddata-cn
NAME: gooddata-cn
LAST DEPLOYED: Thu Mar  7 13:35:45 2024
NAMESPACE: gooddata-cn
STATUS: deployed
Congratulations, you have just deployed the <http://GoodData.CN|GoodData.CN> to your Kubernetes cluster.

To proceed with the configuration, follow the Administration Guide in documentation and
create your Organization by creating a custom resource in Kubernetes.
So it did not have GDCN version. I would suggest an enhancement for users to easily find this version information. Thanks