Hi All, Extending to Previous question by Nicholas...
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Hi All, Extending to Previous question by Nicholas, once we make the adjustment, i am seeing the following error
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ts="2024-02-15 22:54:21.160" level=ERROR msg="gRPC server call" logger=com.gooddata.tiger.metadata.grpc.MetadataStoreGrpcService thread=DefaultDispatcher-worker-3 action=grpcServerCall exc="errorType=com.gooddata.tiger.common.exception.NotFoundException, message=No organization found for hostname <our ip address here>
I found the solution on the following link https://community.gooddata.com/administration-61/gooddata-cn-error-no-organization-found-for-hostname-643 However, it points to a page for Community Edition, which doesn't seem to exist anymore https://www.gooddata.com/developers/cloud-native/doc/2.0/deploy-and-install/community-edition/advanced-config/
Hello Shashank, the page was moved to the section “GoodData.CN Container Edition” in our documentation here: https://www.gooddata.com/docs/cloud-native/3.3/deploy-and-install/community-edition/advanced-config/
Thanks Moises. I will make the changes.
Update: The changes mentioned in the documentation worked. Thanks again @Moises Morales.
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You’re welcome 🙂