Another one .. how can I get my hands on the LLM c...
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Another one .. how can I get my hands on the LLM capabilities - beta ?
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Hi Sheldon, Thank you for showing interest in the feature. Please let me double-check this internally.
@Julius Kos thank you
Also interested in this feature:)
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Thank you for your interest in our new features. They are currently under closed beta testing. When we are ready to invite more users, we will announce it here in the community.
@Ondrej Macek Will this be available on Gooddata CN or Cloud? Would you be able to share any tech white papers on the integration? Will the LLM tuning on the LDM be automatic or will some customization be required/allowed?
At the moment we are testing it with Cloud. LLM tuning is based on available metadata (LDM and others), later user can tune it manually - e.g. add aliases etc.
Thats cool. Any plans to make it available on CN?