We had to redeploy pulsar due to some cluster main...
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We had to redeploy pulsar due to some cluster maintenance and it seems this has caused our metadata-api pods (and other services that use Pulsar) to fail with the error: Caused by: org.apache.pulsar.client.admin.PulsarAdminException$NotFoundException: Namespace not found However, "kubectl get namespace -A" shows pulsar as one of the namespaces. Attaching the logs from my gooddata-cn-metadata-api pods. Any advice appreciated as to what might cause this error or how to resolve. Thanks so much 🙂
Hi Pete. The
Namespace not found
error actually means Pulsar namespace, not Kubernetes namespace. The Apache Pulsar supports multi-tenant configurations with the following hierarchy:
tenant / namespace / topic
The gooddata-cn automatically creates
at the installation so applications can register their topics within
. During the cluster maintenance, you probably lost the pulsar configuration data. It's possible to recreate tenant and namespace manually
1. Connect to one of pulsar broker pods, using:
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kubectl -n pulsar exec -it -c pulsar-broker pulsar-broker-0 -- bash
2. create pulsar tenant with the same name as Kubernetes namespace where your gooddata-cn is installed. For example, if you installed gooddata-cn helm chart into
k8s namespace, use the following command in broker pod to create pulsar tenant:
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bin/pulsar-admin tenants create gooddata-cn
You can check the tenant is present by running command
bin/pulsar-admin tenants get gooddata-cn
, the output should look like:
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  "adminRoles": [],
  "allowedClusters": [
3. Create pulsar namespace with the name of the helm release name of gooddata-cn helm chart. Usually, the helm release name is the same as chart name (i.e. gooddata-cn), but you might use a different name during the chart installation.
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bin/pulsar-admin namespaces create gooddata-cn/gooddata-cn
actually means
is the tenant name from the step above and
is described earlier. After these steps, apps should register their topics and start correctly. You can check the progress by
bin/pulsar-admin topics list gooddata-cn/gooddata-cn
. Fully working gooddata-cn should have the following topics registred:
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(export-visual and export-tabular might be missing on your deployment depending on gooddata-cn version you're using)
Thanks @Robert Moucha 😀