Hey guys, I am trying to follow <this tutorial> bu...
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Hey guys, I am trying to follow this tutorial but I can't make the visualization it's shown there, can you guide me on how to make that visualization. We have the GoodData.CN K8s version.
Hi Gonçalo, The visualization shown in the tutorial is the Bullet Chart. The tutorial is a bit older, so the visualization has changed a bit. The bars are Horizontal now, and look a bit different, but it’s otherwise the same! In that case, they have the metrics in the Metric(Primary) and Metric(Comparative) slots in the analytical designer, to get that look. Give it a shot and let us know if it works out!
but how do make that asterisk there, like what's said here:
We can create an asterisk headline report to depict the significance by using conditional formatting on the p-value metric.
I’ve been playing around with the visualization, and unfortunately it’s not possible to force the asterisk to appear natively. It’s stated in the article that there are two kinds of visualizations being used, and the asterisk is being forced to show by using custom number formatting with a headline report visualization. In Pixel Perfect UI (GoodData Platform) it is possible to overlay reports in dashboards which I believe is what was done here. This is not possible in KPI dashboards
alright thank you