GoodData Enterprise user. Last time I asked, the o...
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GoodData Enterprise user. Last time I asked, the only way to force another sorting pattern other than A-Z / L-S and the reciprocals was adding a new mapped column to my DB in which I’d correspond the value to a sorting key. Right now this solution seems to be too laborious for my team. Is there any other? E.g. if I could create a metric or mapped attribute via which I could sort, this could do the trick, since I’d offload this work from my DB into GoodData.
Hi Rafael. I’ll look into this and get back to you as soon as I can.
The new SQL dataset beta feature could help you resolve this. It’s described here: In Cloud, it’s already available. In Cloud Native it’ll be introduced once version 2.4 is released. You’ll be able to create the virtual column in the LDM modeler. It still needs to be done in SQL, but you do not need to alter your database, but can use solely GoodData. Just convert the dataset to SQL dataset, add the custom column with some SQL expression, map it to new label, save the model and DONE. If you are using workspace data filters, you need to make sure they also have the proper column for them in the SQL. It’s still a beta feature, so please be aware of that.