Greetings! I am encountering a problem while creat...
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Greetings! I am encountering a problem while creating a new org in GD.CN 2.2.0 that's running in kubernetes. The org itself is created when I checked through 'kubectl -n gooddata-cn get organization' but I did not see the ingress created when checked through 'kubectl get ingress -n gooddata-cn' As a result, I am not able to access the new org's URL through my browser. I did not notice errors or anything suspicious in the logs of any of the GD components in k8s. I could access the other orgs that I created a while back in GD.CN 2.1.0 just fine. Anyone has any idea on what I am missing here? Thanks much.
Hi @Balamurali Ananthan, yes creating of organization should also create the ingress resource according to the configuration. Have you checked organization controller in K8S? Is it running? Anything in logs?
Hi @Martin Burian, yeah, I specifically did check the logs in gooddata-cn-organization-controller (type: deployment) under k8s workloads and did not find anything. The logs are actually empty on this deployment. This workload itself seems to be running fine. The only thing that seems to be not working is gooddata-cn-web-components as shown in this screenshot. Could the problem be because web-components is not running?
What ingress controller do you use?
I use the default ingress controller in Google Kubernetes Engine.
@rohit @rohit mathur: This is the problem that we are currently stuck at...
@Balamurali Ananthan, understood, could you please do 2 things: 1. Run kubectl describe for the newly created organization. There could be some information why the ingress is not present. Look into the bottom of the config there is Status and Update 2. Could you please doublecheck the logs for the organization controller. There should be something regarding creation of the organization. Ideally post it here without any secret/sensitive shared.
@Martin Burian 1. This is the new org. Did not see any info on why the ingress is not present. Is there supposed to be a status and update in this org describe?
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Name:         <org-name>
Namespace:    gooddata-cn
Labels:       <none>
Annotations:  <none>
API Version:  <|>
Kind:         Organization
  Creation Timestamp:  2023-02-21T16:32:00Z
  Generation:          1
  Managed Fields:
    API Version:  <|>
    Fields Type:  FieldsV1
    Manager:         kubectl-create
    Operation:       Update
    Time:            2023-02-21T16:32:00Z
  Resource Version:  328556591
  UID:               <uuid>
  Admin Group:       adminGroup
  Admin User:        admin
  Admin User Token:  <admin token>
  Hostname:          <url for the new org>
  Id:                <uuid>
  Name:              <name of the org>
    Issuer Name:  nginx-cert-issuer
    Issuer Type:  ClusterIssuer
    Secret Name:  tlssecret-gooddata-cn
Events:           <none>
2. There is absolutely nothing in the logs in the organization controller 😞
That is strange. Let me check with our engineers.
Thanks Martin. I've also opened a support ticket #112921 for the same. JFYI.
@Balamurali Ananthan thanks for the ticket, we are looking into it and we’ll keep you posted
I will just put a note here that we have checked the logs provided in the ticket and found that Organization-controller pods were running without errors. We were unable to identify the root cause of missing ingress resource. But according to the recomendation, rolling restart of gooddata-cn-organization-controller fixed the issue.