Hi, We face issue with an extra refresh occurring ...
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Hi, We face issue with an extra refresh occurring on our website due to gooddata.cn authentication with auth0. Below are the steps and network calls: 1. Users visit our app domain (say https://login.domain.com) and Auth0 authentication occurs here. 2. User is redirected to another app sub domain, say https://reporting.domain.com (silent authentication call with auth0 occurs here as well). Inside reporting.domain.com, connectivity with gooddata is established. As user is not authenticated on gooddata yet, call to gooddata https://gooddata-cn.com/api/v1/profile api call returns 401 as expected 3. Now, n/w call is made to:: https://gooddata-cn.com/appLogin?redirectTo=https://reporting.domain.com (returns 302) 4. After that n/w call is made to :: https://gooddata-cn.com/oauth2/authorization/gooddata-cn.com 5. Then auth0 silent authentication call is initiated. 6. After that n/w call is made to (redirect url of auth0 call):: https://gooddata-cn.com/login/oauth2/code/gooddata-cn.com (returns 302 with location as https://reporting.domain.com) 7. Now user is again redirected to https://reporting.domain.com. This way, user sees https://reporting.domain.com is being loaded twice. One as part of Step 2 and second as part of Step 7. Any way to avoid this extra refresh? +cc @Peter Plochan @Dan Homola
I think some effort to remove this extra call was made in 2.2.0 version:
• We have removed a redundant authentication callback after successful authentication.
@Robert Moucha, I guess that fix was provided in 2.1.1 and we are using that version only. Still as Step#7 given in my message returns 302, we see extra refresh occurring.
@Narinder Kumar let us check the situation and I will keep you informed about the progress
🎉 New note created.